The Oldest Inhabited Cities In Greece

Himanshi singh       Nov 14, 2022

#1. Patras - 3rd Millenium BC

          The Mycenaeans settled in the area that is now Patras sometime in the early 3rd millennium BC. When the smaller villages of Aroe, Antheia, and Mesatis grew to a substantial size, they joined together as one 

#2. Chalcis - 3rd Millenium BC

          Chalcis is another city thought to have been first built by the Mycenaeans. Constructed on the highly strategic chokepoint between Euboea and the Greek mainland, Chalcis was a military hub. 

#3. Thebes - 3rd Millenium BC

          One of the largest and most influential cities of the Mycenaean Era, Thebes, was a Bronze Age powerhouse. First settled more than 5,000 years ago, Thebes did not rise to relevance until roughly 1,600 BC. 

#4. Chania - 3500 BC

          Located off the Greek mainland on the island of Crete, Chania was first founded by the Minoans, a mysterious Bronze Age people. Thought to have been a society focused largely on trade and fishing, many historians hypothesize that Minoan society  

#5. Athens - 3500 BC

          The settlement of Athens first began in the Neolithic Period. As the centuries progressed, Athens's geographical location made it an obvious spot to live and the city soon followed. While the Mycenaean first used Athens as a base of operations 

#6. Argos - 4000 BC

         Often touted as the oldest inhabited place in Europe, settlement in Argos almost predates time itself. First settled in the Neolithic Period, Argos later grew into one of the most important cities of Mycenaean Greece. 

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