The World's 10 Brightest Capital Citie

Himanshi singh       Nov 16, 2022

#1. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - 7.11

          Saudi Arabia's capital is the world's brightest, with a light score of 7.11 out of 10. Analyzing several metrics, including artificial brightness, light pollution levels, and daylight hours, Riyadh continues to score very highly. 

#2. Moscow, Russia - 6.5

          The Russian capital has a light score of 6.5 out of 10 and is the only Eastern European city in the top ten brightest cities. With a score of 20.3 millicandelas per square meter, an average of 5.21 hours of daylight, 

#3. Washington DC, United States - 6.13

         Washington DC records a brightness score of 17.9 millicandelas per square meter, according to Feel Good Contacts data, and has an overall light score of 6.13 out of 10. 

#4. London, United Kingdom - 5.87

        One of the world's most famous and historically important cities, London is fourth on the list of brightest cities, with a score of 5.87 out of 10. On average, this city on the River Thames  

#5. Buenos Aires, Argentina - 4.79

       Buenos Aires is the only South American city in the top ten list of brightest global cities. Although it experiences more average daily sunshine hours than Moscow and London at 6.92,   

#6. Athens, Greece - 4.58

       The ancient city of Athens scores a light rating of 4.58 out of 10 while seeing some 7.6 average daily sunshine hours. On the brightness scale, Greece's capital  

#7. Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 4.46

       Dubai features the highest amount of average daily sunshine hours at 9.61. Its artificial brightness score is low, however, at 4,180 candelas bringing the city's overall score down. 

#8. Madrid, Spain - 4.37

       The Spanish capital of Madrid comes eighth on the list with a light score of 4.37. The city receives plenty of sunshine (7.59 hours daily) and is well lit at night 

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