The World's 7 Most Remarkable Ancient Civilization

Himanshi singh       May 19, 2020

#Sumerian Civilization (4500 – 1900 BC)

          the "greatest" civilizations to grace the world, we must include the Sumerian civilization. I say we must for two reasons: 1) It was the first civilization (that we know of) and 2) because the Sumerian civilization left a massive impact on the religion and cultural thought of the world in a way that no other civilization has since.

#Indus Valley Civilization (3300 – 1300 BC)

        the Indus Valley Civilization, there is a long, complicated history that might stretch as far back as 7000 BC! This ancient civilization got its name from its location in the Indus Valley, which is made up of modern-day India and Pakistan.  

#The Egyptian Civilization (3100 – 30 BC)

     the ancient Egyptians. Much like the Sumerian Civilization, the ancient Egyptian Civilization found success in a river, the Nile River to be precise. As settlers arrived in the area some 8,000 years ago, they discovered that the Nile River floods every year, 

#Ancient And Early Imperial China (2070 BC-AD 220)

    the Yellow River Valley. Ancient Chinese farmers first settled in this area around 5000 BC, which became the backbone of the Ancient Chinese civilization. Many modern-day wonders like silk briefs, for example, got their start in Ancient China. 

#Ancient Maya Civilization (1000 BC-AD 1520)

  the Native Americans in Mexico and Central America began cultivating Maize, or something similar to corn. They also began growing beans. With these activities, small communities began to be built around farming. However, the Maya Civilization wouldn't emerge for another 6000 years. 

#The Ancient Greek Civilization (1100 BC-AD 140)

  the Ancient Greek Civilization. Settlers first began farming on the nutrient-rich soils along the Aegean Sea around 7000 BC, and it was, again, the activity of farming that would give birth to yet another civilization. The Geek's contributions to our modern way of life have been significant. 

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