The World’s Largest Eagle

Himanshi singh       Nov 11, 2022

#Haast's Eagle (Harpagornis Moorei)

The largest documented species of eagle, by any metric, was the Haast's eagle. The giant New Zealand predator went extinct about 500 - 600 years ago 

#Steller's Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus Pelagicus)

Steller's sea eagle (named after German naturalist Georg Wilhelm Steller) is one of the largest living eagles. On average, it weighs 10.8 - 20.9 pounds, with a body length of 33.5 - 41.3 inches 

#Golden Eagle (Aquila Chrysaetos)

The golden eagle is not only large but fast! In fact, it is second only to the peregrine falcon in terms of raw speed. Only these two species can reach the 200 mph threshold while diving for prey (mostly consisting of small mammals, as well as fish, birds, and reptiles) 

#Harpy Eagle (Harpia Harpyja)

The Harpy eagle is the largest and most dominant raptor in the Amazon rainforest and is not far removed from the biggest in the world. This carnivorous predator has a wingspan of 5.75 - 7.3 feet, 

#Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus Leucocephalus)

Everything is bigger in America. Therefore, lovely as they may be, no finch or sparrow would suffice for the national symbol of freedom - only the bald eagle can manage that. This patriotic beauty stands proudly at 34 - 43 inches 

#Australian Wedge-Tailed Eagle (Aquila Audax)

 largest bird of prey down-under is the Australian wedge-tailed eagle. It ranges from 34.3 - 41.3 inches in length, with a wingspan of about 7.5 feet, and females weigh in at 9.3 - 11.7 pounds,  

#Martial Eagle (Polemaetus Bellicosus

The Martial eagle, or African Martial eagle, is the largest eagle in Africa (though the African crowned eagle and Verreaux's eagle are other impressive specimens on this continent). The Martial eagle weighs between 6.6 - 13.2 pounds,  

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