These 9 Cities Could Disappear By 2030

Himanshi singh       May 19, 2020

#Miami, USA

          Miami's sea levels are rising at some of the fastest rates in the world, with clear signals of increased flooding that contaminates drinking water and causes major damage to the city's valuable infrastructure. Aside from an urgent response to halt climate change, Miami may have to strengthen its base and raise structures above water 

#Bangkok, Thailand

        The famous tourist destination for all things dark and exotic for affordable American standards currently sits, sinking, at mere 1.5 meters above sea level. In fact, it is "drowning" much faster than many other cities in the world with the same fate,  

#Amsterdam, Netherland

        Much of the Netherlands is set below sea level. For more than a century, the beautiful country has kept itself afloat with the help of many dams that prevent city flooding. Major historical floods have killed tens of thousands of people, cattle, and other animals and sunk countless houses, cars, and other buildings and structures. 

#Basra, Iraq

        The Arabic city of Basra is a primary port city in Iraq, set along the immensely-wide and powerful Shatt al-Arab river. It drains into the Persian Gulf, along with the intricate network of canals and streams running through the city.  

#Georgetown, Guyana

        The Caribbean is among the most vulnerable areas to sinking, with historic Guyana's capital city among the top nine coastal locales in the world that are likely to drown by 2030. While the tropics are sinking at a different speed, the threat is immediate to some coastal areas, including Georgetown. 

#Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

       The city with parts along the Mekong Delta is seriously threatened by flooding and tropical storms. The fertile landscape which has been a blessing to the thriving region in Vietnam with people's lives revolving around agriculture, now appears to be their downfall.  

#New Orleans, USA

      New Orleans, along with its rich history and diverse culture, is sinking at one of the fastest rates in the world, with parts as rapidly as two inches per annum. A 2016 NASA study predicts that the whole city could be submerged by the end of the century.      

#Venice, Italy

      The renowned waterway network of Venice, beloved and immortalized by millions of tourists, may soon be too much for the city to handle. One must visit the bucket-list destination of bridges soon, as it may be an underworld-one next century.  

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