NYC rooftop bar: these are the 8 best for summer 2022

Himanshi singh       Nov 10, 2022

#Best for a pre- or post-dinner drink: Overstory, Financial District

          Sixty-four floors up, Overstory is brought to you by the people who gave us Saga, the elegant restaurant one floor down, and Crown Shy, the elegant restaurant on the ground floor of this Downtown Manhattan skyscraper 

#Best for drinking in a garden with a view: Gallow Green, Chelsea

        Set above The McKittrick Hotel (not an actual hotel), famous for housing the interactive performance “Sleep No More,” Gallow Green is a verdant and lively spot that offers frozen rosé/vodka drinks and margarita flights 

#Best for plane watching: TWA Pool Bar, JFK Airport

          You’re free to move about the bar at this singular rooftop watering hole at the TWA Hotel at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Watch the planes land and take off, trying to guess where in the world  

#Best for gawking at the Manhattan skyline without being in Manhattan: Bar Blondeau, Williamsburg 

          It’s only six floors up, but Bar Blondeau, located atop the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, offers a stunning view of Manhattan from across the East River   

#Best for drinking inventive cocktails amidst antiques: Night of Joy, Williamsburg

          This charming, antique-loaded bar is only a few floors above the hipster-crammed streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, but what it lacks in altitude it makes up for in ambiance.    

#Best reason to go to Roosevelt Island: Panorama Room, Roosevelt Island

          Roosevelt Island attracts visitors for the fun cable car that floats between Second Avenue and E. 59th Street and the middle of the island.    

#Best for rocking out with the views: RT60, Times Square

        The servers at this 34th-floor bar sport name tags that also include their favorite bad or musical artists. You might see Depeche Mode, Prince or Led Zeppelin and it ends up becoming a conversation starter.     

#Best for feeling like you’re at a backyard party: The Ready, East Village

       Located atop the Moxy in the East Village, the rooftop bar has a raucous vibe, like you just arrived, mid-party, at a friend’s backyard beer-laden bash—and if that friend had, by chance,     

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