Top 10 Alcohol Consuming Countries In The World

Himanshi singh       Nov 12, 2022

#Czech Republic - 14.26 Liters/Per Capita

          The Czech Republic, also known as Czechia, is a landlocked country in Central Europe. The national beverage of choice is the iconic crisp pilsner.  

#Latvia - 13.19 Liters/Per Capita

          This Northeastern European country is also one of the three Baltic states, sandwiched between Estonia (to the North) and Lithuania (to the South).  

#Moldova - 12.85 Liters/Per Capita

          The Republic of Moldova, or simply Moldova, is a small, landlocked nation in Eastern Europe (the Balkans), situated between Romania (to the West) and Ukraine (to the North, South, and East).  

#Germany - 12.79 Liters/Per Capita

          The Federal Republic of Germany, Germany, or Deutschland, is one of Europe's largest countries and is second-most populous after Russia  

#Lithuania - 12.78 Liters/Per Capita

Latvia's neighbor to the South, and the largest of the Baltic states, the Republic of Lithuania, or simply Lithuania, also shares a strong drinking culture.  

#Ireland - 12.75 Liters/Per Capita

Ireland, or Irish Éire, is a small island nation in Western Europe. Drinking is a well-known and celebrated pastime in these parts. On those cool and rainy days (which frequently stop by)   

#Spain - 12.67 Liters/Per Capita

Those midday siestas help boost Spain's per capita consumption. This Southwestern European nation is the continent's third-biggest producer of wine (vino) (behind France and Italy) and also the largest exporter.   

#Uganda - 12.48 Liters/Per Capita

The Republic of Uganda, or Uganda, a landlocked country in East-Central Africa, is the only nation outside of Europe to crack the top ten. Malwa, which is brewed out of millet and maize  

#Bulgaria - 12.46 Liters/Per Capita

This Southeastern European country sits on the Eastern portion of the Balkan peninsula and has a long Eastern shore with the Black Sea. The Republic of Bulgaria, or just Bulgaria,  

#Luxembourg - 12.45 Liters/Per Capita

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, or Luxembourg, is a tiny, landlocked country in Western Europe, engulfed by Belgium to the East and North, Germany to the East, and France to the South. 

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