Top 10 Freaky Perplexing Theories of What Happens After Death

Ritu Kanwar Bhati            Nov. 21, 2022


You will be excreted

when we die, the universe will leave our consciousness where it dumps its filth. 


You Enter the Cosmic Consciousne

The awareness that exists in people comes from here and after our demise, it brings back. All that in the universe is associated with awareness.


Being human is just one level

As per the idea of resurrection, after our demise, our spirit enters another body, With the goal that we are brought back to life.


The Universe End

after your death, the existence of the universe ceases. That means all those people you know, love also cease to exist. 


Life starts over again

life is repeating itself again and again . 


The Dreamer wakes up

it is conceivable that after our demise, we awaken in reality. Basically like Beginning.


You get Re-programmed

at the point when we die, our developer can send us to an alternate reality in the recreation in the wake of erasing our recollections.


Our Consciousness is Unreal

We are acting very much like we are coded. They can run or erase your Code whenever they want.


Death is an illusion

The past or the future exists in the universe along with the present, only we cannot see it. 


Anything is possible

As per the many-universes understanding hypothesis, practically endless real factors exist. 

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