Top 10 Most Destructive Tsunamis in History

Ritu Kanwar Bhati            Nov. 22, 2022


The 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami

On December the 26th of 2004, a quake with a size of 9.1 happened undersea on the shore of the Indonesian Island of Sumatra.


1755 Lisbon Tsunami

The quake happened in the Kingom of Portugal on November first of 1755.the magnitude of the earthquake reached 9.0 on the magnitude scale. 


2011 Tohoku Tsunami

The effect of the quake was looked about the world, and right up to the present day Japan is as yet recuperating from the tremor and tidal wave.


1703 Genroku Tsunami

On December 31st of 1703, a tremor happened in the southern Kanto locale in Japan during the verifiable Genroku Period.


The 1883 Krakotoa Tsunami

The Krakatoa Tidal wave in 1883 was created by the ejection of the fountain of Krakatoa.


1498 Meio Nankaido Tsunami

occurred off the shoreline of Nankaido in Japan. The Tidal wave was produced by a strong tremor of 8.6 size.


1908 Messina Tsunami

It annihilated 91% of Messina's designs and structures and killed 75,000 individuals.


365 Crete Tsunami

in Egypt and other places and there were 3 main phases of the tsunami and the death toll is to be estimated between 300,000 and 500,000 people. 


The Minoan Eruption and Tsunami

The Minoan Emission, otherwise called the Santorini ejection, was a significant volcanic emission that was trailed by an overwhelming wave.


The 1868 Arica Tsunami

The revealed level of the torrent waves is 14 meters. 25,674 individuals lost their lives during this misfortune.

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