Top 10 new marine species


The E.T. Sponge 

The E.T. Sponge, Advhena magnifica, was spotted by a team of NOAA explorers that were searching the sea floor of the Pacific Ocean. 


The Patrick Sea Star 

This new species of starfish is named after Patrick Star from the beloved cartoon SpongeBob Squarepants. 


The Branch-Armed Nostril Copepod 

Copepods are small crustaceans that are found in all aquatic habitats, both marine and freshwater. 


The Yellow Sea Slug of Ørland 

This sea slug was first noticed and photographed in 2014 by scuba diver Kjetil Johnson in Trondheimsfjorden, one of the largest fjords in Norway 


The Giant Plastic Amphipod 

One of the many anthropogenic threats facing our ocean is plastic pollution.  


Haffi’s Upside-Down Tapeworm  

Just imagine how weird life would be if you had no digestive tract, no stomach or intestine, not even a mouth, yet this is exactly how a tapeworm lives quite happily. 


The Beautiful Branching Bryozoan 

Bryozoans are a largely overlooked group of colonial invertebrates that live in aquatic environments worldwide. 


The Tree-of-Life Tardigrade 

This new tardigrade was discovered living in sandy sediments in the intertidal zone of a bay in Roscoff in France that dries out at low tide. 


The Feisty Elvis Worm  

These scale worms have evolved to tolerate low oxygen levels by having elaborate gills under their scales. 


Red Wide-Bodied Pipefish  

This colorful new species of pipefish has been chosen for the top 10 for its clever camouflage among red algae and sponges 

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