Types of Peacock

Indian Peacock

the Indian peacock is native to India, Sri Lanka and other parts of eastern Asia. he peacocks of the species display the famous tail plumage used in courting rituals and have bright, blue heads and crest colorings. 

Green Peacock

The Green peacock, also known as the Javanese peacock, is native to the Indonesian island of Java in southeast Asia. Green peacocks are similar to Indian peacocks in that they have large, brightly colored trains and use the feathers in courting rituals. 

Congo Peacock

the Congo peacock is an African native .Absent of elongated, brightly colored trains and colored blue, the males are of small stature compared to other species. 

Indian Peafowl

The Indian peacock has a distinctive blue crest on his head. The Indian peahen is predominately brown with a white abdomen. 

Green Peafowl

Green peafowl, also known as Java peafowl .The green peacock has a train containing approximately 200 feathers, with each one sporting a gold, green and brown eyespot. 

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