What Is Air Pollution?

Himanshi singh       Nov 15, 2022

#What Causes Air Pollution?

          Air pollution is the release of gases and small fragments of human-made particles and chemicals into the air, the concentration of which is harmful to all living and breathing creatures on this planet. 

#What Are Primary And Secondary Air Pollutants?

         Primary air pollutants are small solids and particulates (liquid particles) that are suspended in the air and come at less than 10 micrometers in size. They can be observed in the form of soot, dust, smoke, fumes and mists, but some are invisible to the human eye 

#Animal Health And Behavior

       Since the exchange of gases does not happen in the same manner for all of the members of the animal kingdom, the negative effects of air pollution strike them in different ways, as well. 


       Similar to how car exhaust causes breathing problems in humans, smog, lower atmosphere ozone, and other particulate matter affect the lungs and cardiovascular system in animals, as well.  

#Marine Life

       Acid rain occurs when the power plant-released sulphur dioxide combines with water vapour in the air to create sulphuric acid suspensions or mist in the air, which is brought down by the rain. 

#Socio-Economic Effect

      Air pollution and global warming also affect the societies and the economies of all countries in the world.   

#How To Reduce Or Stop Air Pollution?

  The future generation, whose parents dealt with air pollution, are more likely to be born weaker and with a predisposition to health concerns, not to mention having to deal with their own air pollution, should it keep increasing.    

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