World's Top 5 Diamond-Producing Countrie

Himanshi singh       May 19, 2020

#Russia (39.12 Million Carats)

       Russia presently leads the world in diamond output after it began mining in 1947. Regarding volume, it is also the top exporter of rough diamonds worldwide. ALROSA is Russia's largest diamond miner, maintaining a virtual monopoly over the sector and producing over 90% of the nation's annual output. 

#Botswana (22.88 Million Carats)

      A significant diamond mine was found in 1966, the year Botswana declared its independence from Britain, in a rural region called Orapa, about 250 miles from the nation's capital of Gaborone. De Beers, the firm that discovered the mine, was and still is the world's largest supplier of "rough stones." 

#Canada (17.62 Million Carats)

      The Northwest Territories, which were once used as hunting grounds, are now used mainly for large-scale resource extraction, including diamond mining. Diamonds weren't found by non-natives until 1991, specifically by two geologists named Chuck Fipke and Stewart Blusson. The first diamond mine in the Northwest Territories, known as Ekati, opened in 1998 because of this finding. 

#Democratic Republic Of The Congo (14.09 Million Carats)

  The Democratic Republic of the Congo is the country that turned South Africa's diamond industry profitable. Miniere de Bakwange (MIBA), a joint venture between the Belgian business Sibeka and the DRC government, which controls 80% of the company, is the only commercial diamond producer in the DRC. 

#South Africa (9.72 Million Carats)

 Almost all the modern diamond trade originates in South Africa. The earliest diamonds found in South Africa were alluvial diamonds. Diamonds were initially discovered in yellow earth in 1869, and then later below ground in hard rock called blue ground near and in what would become Kimberley in the Northern Cape, the diamond center of the world. 

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