Yellowstone Lake

Himanshi singh       May 19, 2020

#Geography Of Yellowstone Lake

          Covering a surface area of 350 sq. km, Yellowstone Lake has a length of about 32 km, a maximum width of 24 km, and a shoreline of 180 km. Yellowstone Lake has an average depth of 42 m and reaches a maximum depth of 120 m. 

#Climate Of Yellowstone Lake

          The lake's water is chilly all year round, even though hot water is now known to enter the lake from vents found at various locations along the bottom. In winter, significant portions of the lake are covered by about 0.91 m thick ice. 

#Geology Of Yellowstone Lake

          Approximately 640,000 years ago, devastating volcanic eruptions in the region resulted in the formation of a massive crater named the Yellowstone Caldera. The northern two-thirds portion of Yellowstone Lake occupies the caldera's southeastern part. 

#History Of Yellowstone Lake

        Contrary to popular belief, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone's rich rhyolite lavas were not the source of Yellowstone's name. These lavas were chemically changed by reactions with steam and hot water to produce the striking yellow and pink hues that can be seen today.  

#Ecology Of Yellowstone Lake

       The majority of North America's wild cutthroat trout are found in Yellowstone Lake. Scientists believe that the fish formerly swam across the Continental Divide at Two Ocean Pass from Yellowstone Lake to the Pacific Ocean via Outlet Canyon and the Snake River. 

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